A Letter From the CEO of Amethyst, Inc.

Back in February, we made a huge decision. We decided to partner with Amethyst, Inc based in  Florence, AL to create products specifically for the cause of drug & alcohol recovery. This was a very new task for me, as I have not personally worked with CBD Oil or Isolate until the idea was presented to me, so needless to say was a challenge. I went into it knowing that in spite of it being a challenge, it is also very possible to achieve because WE DID IT! We have an entire line of products specifically designed for AMETHYST, Inc. Each time you purchase a product from the Amethyst line, know that  you are not only healing yourself but you are helping some else heal, you are helping a family bring back a loved one, and you are helping someone recover-all that they have lost sight of in the midst of alcohol and drug addiction. Check out a letter from the CEO below and while you’re at it, also check out the all new Amethyst Product Line! Happy Healing 🙂


Dear, Jerrica

First, we at Amethyst want to thank you for loving our cause enough to develop a line of products for our Warriors to indulge in self-care, naturally. The definition of an Amethyst Warrior is anyone who aides in the recovery efforts of people struggling with addiction and wanting to achieve and maintain sobriety.

Amethyst, Inc. is a non profit social services organization warring in the community against drugs and alcohol helping families that suffer from addiction to find serenity.

We  strongly believe that by any means necessary you can spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and financially RECOVER ALL!

Our directors love your line of products:   The current crowd favorite is the Calming Face and Body Spritzer that is infused with essential oils that aid in anxiety relief and actual Amethyst crystals. Amethyst happens to also be the sobriety stone so this was major for us. We also love the CBD infused body butter and scrub. And we know that everything that is offered will be calming to our people in recovery and everyone who invests the products. And the best part, a portion of all purchases goes toward Amethyst Warriors Recovery Efforts!! Thank you again for all your GLOW !!


Thank You,

Shana G

Co-Founder, Amethyst, Inc

Alcohol Recovery Coach”


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