Keeping Good Company

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Jim Rohn


Whether in friendships, social settings, my workplace or even around my family…I have definitely had my share of being around what I would consider energy leeches.

according to the urban dictionary, a leech is defined as:

leech – one who constantly takes from others without giving anything in return.

People that you spend time with on a consistent basis have a huge impact on your life. Some people can really suck the life out of you without even realizing it and maybe even doing it unintentionally. Surrounding yourself with “good” people doesn’t always mean perfect people or people that are exactly like you but people that:

inspire you

encourage you

hold you accountable

practice GOOD habits with you

supports your HEALTHY endeavors

make you feel energized, loved and appreciated.


If the people around you make you feel anything outside of what listed above, then you need new people sis.


But hold that thought, beloved…


Let’s not only focus on the energy we want to receive, we have to look at the type of energy we are bringing to the table! Are you being the type of energy you want to attract?


You simply can’t be out here bitter, angry, hateful & resentful trying to manifest relationships/friendships that are pure. Do the math..the two simply DON’T align.

Let the negativity GO, be more positive, optimistic and authentic — the type of energy you want to receive.


…and when you do manifest those relations that embrace purity and wholeness..nurture it, appreciate it & prioritize it. Life has already taught me that good, authentic relations are hard to come by but when they do come, they make life so much better and easier. You begin to appreciate life a little more, enjoy the moments a little more and find more joy in the simple things.


Make a commitment today to first BE what you want to attract as well as beginning to surrounding yourself with people that give you life instead of suck the life out of you.


As I am always saying…self-care is self-awareness. Make yourself aware of what energies that are surrounding you & how they are affecting you, whether positive or negative and make the necessary adjustments.


Peace, Love & Light!

Jerrica 🙂

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