Mindful Monday ♥

Okay, so boom! Let’s Check-In?

How are you?
How is your heart?
How is your mental health?

These are 3 very simple yet very deep questions that truly make me feel seen and acknowledged for my current state of being without judgement. It makes me feel like…oh yeah these issues/concerns do NOT have to weigh me down and I do NOT have to keep all of this stuff inside of me. Yes…journaling is great and essential, but the vocal expression just hits differently when you’re in a space where you are allowed to just be vulnerable and express without thinking you are throwing all of your weight on someone else, unsolicited.

This life moves so fast and it’s very easy to get caught up in the weight of our own issues, thoughts and what not, so that often  leads to when interacting (or the lack of) with people we fail to be mindful of that person’s current state of being.

I have a good friend that is constantly asking me questions like: “How is your mental health?”, “how are YOU?” with an emphasis on YOU. Honestly at first it took me off guard because these were only conversations I was used to answering in my monthly therapy sessions not from the people that I love and speak to almost everyday. Crazy, right? And it wasn’t that generic “how are you” that almost always follows with a really dry and ingeniune “gooooodddd.” know what i’m talmbout? When really, your world is in shambles but you know they ain’t ready for alladat?

I must say that I’m guilty myself. I will ramble off about any and everything under the sun without even acknowledging what someone else may or may not be battling with mentally. And most times failing to even give someone space to express their mental health concerns or life concerns overall, however you may choose to see it. Asking someone something as simple as “how is your heart?” can do much more for them than we think. It opens up the heart, it softens that wall that some may have built due to the pain they have or are feeling, it allows the body to be comfortable and free in it’s expression because that space has been created. So…today, while engaging with your family, friends or co-workers maybe try asking someone (genuinely) “HOW are you, really?” and let the magic happen.


We are all humans. Very simply, we are spiritual beings inside of a complex, physical body. No person is above feeling their emotions, we just all express them different. Some may express much more than others. Always remember that.


I’m hoping the message reaches you with love. I also hope that you had, have, or are having  a very #MindfulMonday and try remember to hold space for someone that you love today! This isn’t a call to be Dr. Phil or Iyanla Fix My Life but to simply be a vessel for others to be able to be vulnerable. It holds much more weight than you may think and just imagine if we ALL practiced this everyday with every interaction…genuine exchange. The power of it. The healing that would take place. Whew! But, we will get there, we gotta start somewhere, right?


I love yall, peace! ♥

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  1. Beautifully written post. I love the genuity. I will be more mindful this Monday. I love you too! 🤎

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