Musical Motivation: Static x Ari Lennox

I LOVE music, I listen to music when I work, when I shower, when I exercise, when I’m going to sleep…anytime I can play it, it’s most likely being played. The life of a Pisces, right? Who else can relate?

Well today,  I listened to Static – Ari Lennox for the very first time. Nah, it wasn’t my first time hearing it but my first time actually LISTENING it to it & OMG YALL!

First of all, the jazzy beats are such a vibe, it definitely makes you start that “auntie sway” unintentionally! haha, but honestly when you first hear it, it almost sounds like a love song to a romantic partner. But the gag is….

This song is actually about managing anxiety which is considered the “static” — if you pay close attention later in the’ll also hear her mention “white noise” which is an anxiety reliever for mostly ALL humans, even babies. Let’s get into it!

Let us interpret some of the lyrics:

(discretion: this is just MY interpretation)

  • You’re in control love” — Here, Ari is affirming that you are in control of your reality, of your thoughts & ultimately of how you feel in every moment.
  • “Don’t let the static drown us” — static in a radio is that weird & very unpredictable sound that comes when the signal isn’t that great. Static in this song, to me is like outside noise, the static of the world. What goes on outside of us in our everyday worlds.
  • “Tell me who needs clichè HD, you’re perfect for me” — Who needs life to be perfect? Who needs to control what goes on outside of self when all that you have and need is within and YOU can control what happens within. You were made perfect in the most high creators, image. All is well, beloved. You are in control of YOU & that is all that that matters.
  • “When you’re kind, fine like a Sony in ‘99” — had to do a little research to see what was up with Sony in 99 & I found that it had began creating next generation products for the new millennium so…yeah, this was all new, exclusive & SPECIAL. sound familiar? You are exclusive & special, and of course, kind & fine. YOU’RE the one. I think that’s pretty’s self explanatory. Sometimes anxiety can cause us to pick ourselves apart according to what we consider our flaws. This line is affirmation that aside from all of that, you are strong, fun, kind, fine and exclusive. Come on somebody!

At the end of the song, Ari refers to “white noise” which again is proven to aid in relieving anxiety stress and maintaining peace. This for me, was confirmation of what this entire song is about. Maintaining inner peace in the midst of the static.

All in all, in my opinion this song was Ari’s way of encouraging herself to overcome anxiety. She continued to remind herself that she is in control. She’s got this, she has the strength to maintain her composure & stay in control of what’s controllable and that happens to be her inner world.

Not only did Ari use this beautiful song to encourage herself, but you can do the same. Make this song an ode from you. To overcome whatever anxieties may arise from day to day. Some music was made to truly heal us and this is one of those songs.

Each time I listen, it hits different now!

Peace, Love, & Selfcare in the midst of the static. ♥

Jerrica ♥

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