Practicing What I Preach

Taking Time for Selfcare:

Last Wednesday…I took a day & intentionally made the whole day my very own Selfcare Day: At Home Spa Edition. I was so serious about it that I created a schedule lol! like can see the one that I created here (and you can join the email list to get the blank template to create your own). Anywho, there was PLENTY DIY projects, personal reflecting, physical activity and intentional body care. I must definitely say it was soul needed and I am grateful that I had the time to set aside to even do it, I’m certainly not taking it for granted because I do know that it doesn’t and won’t always work out that way for everyone. So, although I made a whole day of mine, I have created an e-book to break down 5 simple ways to partake in Selfcare While Staying In and you can check that out here! Okay, Let’s get on to the things I learned while practicing what I preach and setting aside intentional time for selfcare.

Everyone’s journey is different, you are what make yours unique. Judge less, flow more.

One activity that I did during my selfcare day was painting, I painted a picture of the Tree of Life and throughout the process as I looked at a tutorial of another artist giving guidance on how to paint the tree, I wanted to scribble out my entire picture because “it didn’t look right” in comparison to what her’s looked like, then I started to think to myself what does “looking right” even look like? Mine actually look right because it’s MY style, the way that MY wrist flows and the pressure that I place on MY brush along with MY brush choice which makes mine no more or less beautiful, it simply makes it….mine. Right? This is an amazing comparison to the life that we live. Regardless of what someone else is doing, what they’ve accomplished or what their life looks like TO YOU, it does NOT and will not EVERR in a million years look or compare to the reality that your are creating because again…what makes our journey unique is YOU. So, all of that to say, enough with the self judgement, the self doubt, the imposter syndrome. You’ve done that long enough, now it’s time to change it up and truly see yourcelf as the powerfull, magnificent, creative and abundant being that you are. BE that, DO that, and LIVE that.

It’s okay to be spontaneous. Spontaneity sometimes is good for the soul, spontaneity all the time is insanity!

HAHA!! But no really, it actually is good to just go with the flow sometimes and follow your instincts and intuition, especially while creating because you just never know what will come of it. Yesterday, my spontaneity and access to resources in home allowed me to create 2 nu products to incorporate into mine (and your) very own selfcare routine. Learn about what (eye) created in the e-book: Selfcare While Staying In where I give you tips, ideas and DIY recipes to still partake in some selfcare during these times.

Being mindful and in the moment doesn’t make you MISS OUT on anything, you’re actually tapping IN.

Tap in more often. Spend more moments of mindfulness even if its 2 minutes throughout the day. Spending intentional time doing things that make me feel good did so much for me physically but even more mentally and spiritually. The downloads that (eye) received, the ideas that (eye) plan to implement, the self awareness….listen this is UNMATCHED. These are the moments that also matter in creating and sustaining a life that you enjoy, it is okay to quiet the noise so that you can listen to what spirit has to say to you.

I am living proof right this moment that spending intentional time with yourself will birth a more clear mind, more fluid body and a life that feels more at ease. The things you have been wanting to do are there, you just need a clear mind to produce them more effectively. This blog post, the e-book, as well as the NU items added to shop are all products of  incorporating intentional selfcare. I hope that you gained something from this post! If you did, quote something that you learned and hashtag #PracticingWhatIPreach and share this with a #SelfcareSis! Until next time, my loves!


Peace, Love and Selfcare,

Jear ♥

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