Selfcare Series: Embracing Silence

Hi there!

Wait, wait wait…before we dive in, take off the headphones, turn the music off, close your eyes and take about 15 deep breaths.

Now, take note of how you are feeling.



Silence. You just defined how it feels for you in this moment.

Silence is defined by Webster as: the absence of sound; stillness. For some, it’s pretty normal, kind of like our reset button. For some of us who are wanderers it can be frustrating/annoying, and for the rest of you, it can be just plain ole boring…whichever of these categories you may fall into please innerstand that silence activates your superpowers. Sitting in silence everyday even if just for one minute gives you a space to react positively in any encounter. You are able to better combat bad habits by routinely sitting in silence. Sitting in silence also helps you to become more self aware because it heightens your sensitivity.


The world that we live in is so wild, loud and chaotic. We constantly have access to the latest music, buzz and tech gadgets by way of our oh so popular
“smartphones”. Pressing “pause” and sitting in silence has been proven to have several scientific benefits. I’ll share with you the top 3.

  1. Improves Memory
    • Studies have shown that sitting in silence can help in developing new cells in the hippocampus of the brain which is the area responsible for emotion, memory and retaining knowledge.
  2. Relieves Stress
    • You ever been in one of those “I”ve had it up to here” moments with friends, family and/or coworkers? The moments where you already may be frustrated so you are impulsively responding back to whomever or whatever the current circumstances are. When you practice silence and become more accustomed to allowing things/thoughts to come and go, you will relieve yourself of so much unsolicited stress/anxiety and also save some very valuable innergy.
  3. Heightens Sensitivity
    • When embracing silence, it makes it easier for you to tune into other areas. First, you begin to be more aware of your breath, then sounds, sight and so forth. When all the senses are heightened it allows overall welbeing and awareness of the body. Your thoughts and intentions become more clear.

So, tonight’s takeaways

  1. When sitting in silence, thoughts will arise, the gag is.. YOU have control over how you respond to those thoughts when they come to you. When you don’t react, you’re building that muscle to really practice calmness in situations such as that aggy co-worker, complaining friend or ungrateful family member that I mentioned above.
  2. Allow silence to become your very own safe space. Challenge yourself to at least one moment of complete stillness throughout the day. Allow your thoughts to arise, don’t be moved, but acknowledge and move forward accordingly.

Here’s the hack, don’t react. Breathe and let it be.”

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