Selfcare Series: #PrettyGirlProbz

We often times hear about Pretty Girl Privilege, which is definitely a thing but tonight eye want to address #PrettyGirlProbz and uncover some myths concerning being physically attractive,  because in my opinion everything about being “pretty” isn’t necessarily a privilege.

Myth #1: You have no insecurities.

omg, the biggest myth EVER. if anything, any and every flaw is highlighted! Eye have always had these two small gaps on the side of my mouth and my teeth are small in comparison to the average adult so you best believe any and every person who has dry-joked (but were really serious) have brought it up to me! It’s a laughing matter now but in the past it was something that Eye was really really insecure about. Being pretty does not mean that everyday is a Fantasia “I Feel Beautiful” day, some days and some moments in all seriousness, eye truly look at myself like “hmm, you do look a little bit weird sometimes.” However, Eye quickly turn that into me affirming my beauty regardless of the flaws, blemishes and imperfections.

Myth #2: Making/maintaining female friendships are easy.

Chillleeee EYE WISH! All a girl ever wanted was a #girlgang that stood the tests of time! You know like the Cheetah Girls?! In reality for me, even since grade school it’s been hard to connect with alot of females. Eye was the girl that “thought she was too good” to people that didn’t even really even try to get to know me, when realistically eye was an introvert simply longing for genuine connections. Certainly not to imply that eye have no friends because eye do have some beautiful BossFriends (shoutout to Alea, Angel & Kaozara)  that have stuck around through many of the phases, but there are also many people that have departed and or the connection just became…lets just say, outdated. Eye feel that some females may feel inferior and  compare themselves to you and/or end up being covetous of the attention that you get (that eye, personally do not care for to begin with).

Myth #3: People see past your looks.

Unfortunately, we live in a superficial world where people tend to objectify and sexualize you because of your physical beauty. Never to rarely acknowledging your brain/knowledge. Some people really think you are an airhead out here and only worth the pretty face. Like, broooo if you would just try to get to know the depths of me you would know there is soo much more that makes me valuable aside from a pretty face.

Myth #4: You’re always getting “hit on” or dating is “easy”.

one acronym…LOL! Being the “pretty girl” means that people will not always approach you because they often feel intimidated by you. Your mate (if they are insecure) may also be one of the more superficial ones and either doesn’t want to bring you around other people because they are afraid other people will be flirty with you or on the flip side treats you like a trophy for attention. Annoyingggg. Eye’ll pass.

Myth #5: You have it “all” 

Not at all. Most of the time, people that you don’t even know fr are jealous of you, most think the pretty girls don’t struggle. Eye grew up being disliked by people for whatever reason and sometimes feeling like an outcast..which led to me wanting to be a loner or feeling like eye did not belong, never really had many “friends” but these days it doesn’t bother me as much. Eye sometimes feel pressured to be “perfect” because of the standards that we are held up to. It sometimes seems that people truly want you to babysit other peoples insecurities and not embrace the being that you are so that you won’t “step on any toes”.


One thing eye want to highlight and suggest is that being beautiful is great but the key is to not get caught up in looks so much. It is all superficial and looks fade…the only thing that lives on is or is your soul?

Beauty is truly is in the eye of the may not be everyone’s cup of tea but the real tea is to  get connected with your soul and your inner beauty. Stop letting society shape us so much to think about our outward looks and imperfections…it is so much more than that.

Nourish your soul.

Make connections

Free yourself from the comparison.

You are worth much more than just a pretty face.

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