Selfcare Series: Selfcare on a Budget

The mainstream perception of self-care seems to be luxurious spa dates, splurging on shopping trips and/or expensive beach trips. I can’t negate the fact that these ideas are indeed effective, but that’s not always in the budget..besides, self-care isn’t always and only physical. Finding ways to incorporate it every day can truly save your life. I am a frugal gal so the things listed above aren’t in the budget every month sometimes not even more than once a year tbvh, I am here to share with my fellow frugal friends… Self-care on a budget.

  • Journaling 
    • COST: ($free.99-$1.00)I’m sure you probably have several journals,  notebooks,  or plain ole’ paper around the house, but; if not Dollar Tree is the move! They have very cute journals for one dollar. You may even luck up and find some really cute ones. There are endless benefits of putting pen to paper such as:
      • journaling improves physical health and mental health through self expression.
      • journaling helps you to become more aware of your mood/thoughts on a daily.
      • journaling clears your mind of clutter
  • Guided Meditation
    • COST: Your time. 
      • Umm, yes… YouTube and/or Apple Music has so many different guided meditations that you can do, even some specifically for your needs. I had an ordeal with someone that was once close to me and tried a cord cutting meditation and it was so helpful. I Highly suggest. Here are a few that I have tried before
  • STOP neglecting your health.
    • COST: (FREE) 
    • Go get a check up or do something good for your body like exercise/yoga!
    • Yoga With Adriene on YouTube has a flow for whatever your needs are.
  • CHECK IN on your finances.
    • (COST:FREE)
    • Create a budget and/or savings plan for the upcoming year. Pintrest has GREAT templates/insight.
  • Give yourself a hug.
    • (COST:FREE) 
    •  Yes it may seem a bit weird but just embrace  yourself for at least 3 seconds. Tell yourself how much you love yourself. It feels so good 🙂
  • Listen to a podcast!
    • (COST: FREE)
    • One of my current faves is Hghr Learning Podcast with Raven.
    • She speaks a lot about spirituality, healing & ways to practice being your best self. She even curates Apple Music playlists that go along with each episode. DOPE SOUL to the MAX, lend her your ear. You will not regret it!
  • Create your own pamper experience.
    • (COST: $5-$10)
    • Run a bath, light some candles and add some pink Himalayan salt which is beneficial for detoxification.
  • Get lost in a book for pleasure.
    • (COST: FREE- $10)
      • Poetry books always take me to a new place, I love poetry by Reyna Biddy and Amanda Lovelace. I’m currently reading A Psalm for Us by Reyna Biddy. has some great books for an even greater price.
      • Amazon Prime Members gave access to many books through Amazon Prime Reading, awesome resource!
  • Listen to your thoughts.
    • Silent sitting is a great form of selfcare, in fact I recently write a whole post about it. Check it out here.
  • Aromatherapy
    • (COST: ~$5 at Walmart)
    • find a scent you love & fill your space with it. Depending on the scent, you’ll gain different benefits. Some of my favorites to diffuse are:
      1. Lavender
      2. Orange
      3. Yling-Ylang

Y’all Self-care is as simple as you make it! Doing the small things everyday can help you feel more intact and allow you to show up better for yourself and for others.  If you’re on a budget like muahhh try some of these practices and let me know how it helps you 🥰


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